Xantrex SW Plus 5548 Inverter

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Xantrex SW Plus 5548 Inverter

SW Plus 5548 Inverter, 48V, 5500W

SW Plus 5548 Grid Tie Inverter

Power Independence in a Powerful PackageBased on the proven platform of the SW Inverter/Charger Series, Xantrex SW Plus models are designed to provide homes with a completely independent power supply. Each model combines an inverter, battery charger and dual transfer switch in one package. As part of an off-grid renewable power system, SW Plus Inverter/Chargers convert all forms of renewable energy into utility grade household power. They can also be used as part of a backup power system to automatically provide AC power when utility power fails. For supplementary power, the inverter/chargers can be programmed to automatically start and stop a generator, based on user needs. To save on utility bills, the SW Plus can also be programmed to switch to battery power from utility power during peak-rate periods. The SW Plus is not designed to sell power back to the grid.

• 2.5, 4.0 and 5.5 kVA continuous output of sine wave power (to 40º C)
• Huge surge (inrush current) capacity – up to four times rated output for starting large loads
• High capacity, multi-function battery charger provides accurate four stage re-charging and maintenance
• Smart Energy Management system controls utility and/or generator usage
• Non-volatile memory provides the SW Plus with the ability to save customized settings
• FCC Part B compliant means less potential interference with radio and telephone equipment
• Energy efficient with 95% peak efficiency and <20 watts of idle current (<2 watt in search mode)

• Expandable – two SW Plus inverters may be stacked for increased output in 120/240 VAC Matching AC and DC conduit boxes for code compliant installation
• Generator Start Module used to control either two and three wire start generators
• Auxiliary Load Module used to automatically start and stop auxiliary DC loads such as fans based on programmable voltage parameters
• Inverter Communications Adapter allows for remote connection to SW Plus via PC
• An additional Inverter Control Module (ICM built-in to SW Plus) may be installed for remote operation and monitoring of inverter/charger

Electrical Characteristic

AC Input Voltage (nominal)120 VAC120 VAC120 VAC120 VAC120 VAC
AC Input Voltage Range, adjustable80-150 VAC80-150 VAC80-150 VAC80-150 VAC80-150 VAC
AC Input Current (60 amps AC pass through)20 amps charging20 amps charging30 amps charging30 amps charging45 amps charging
Continuous Power @ 25 °C2.5 KVA2.5 KVA4.0 KVA4.0 KVA5.5 KVA
Efficiency (peak in Invert mode)95%95%94%95%95%
Inverter Voltage (RMS)120 VAC120 VAC120 VAC120 VAC120 VAC
Inverter Voltage Regulation± 3%± 3%± 3%± 3%± 3%
Frequency (Nominal ± 0.04% Crystal Controlled) Inverter mode60 Hz60 Hz60 Hz60 Hz60 Hz
Continuous Output Current (@ 25 °C)21 A rms21 A rms33 A rms33 A rms46 A rms
Current Surge Capability@ 25 °C 5 Sec Rating80 A rms80 A rms85 A rms95 A rms105 A rms
Over current trip point125 A peak175 A peak125 A peak175 A peak175 A peak
Inverter Voltage THD (Resistive load)< 5%< 5%< 5%< 5%< 5%
Automatic Transfer Relay60 A rms60 A rms60 A rms60 A rms60 A rms
DC Input Voltage (Nominal)25.2 VDC50.4 VDC25.2 VDC50.4 VDC50.4 VDC
DC Input Voltage Range22-32 VDC44-64 VDC22-32 VDC44-64 VDC44-64 VDC
DC Current at Rated Power (internal temperature stabilized)120 amps DC60 amps DC190 amps DC95 amps DC135 amps DC
Idle Consumption (Typical at full voltage)< 16 watts< 20 watts< 16 watts< 20 watts< 20 watts
Search Mode Consumption< 2 watts< 2 watts< 2 watts< 2 watts< 2 watts
Continuous Charge Rate@ 120VAC input (See Note 1 below)70 amps DC40 amps DC110 amps DC60 amps DC75 amps DC

Note 1: This is a continuous charge current rating. The peak charge current is higher, particularly before the unit has warmed up. Peak charge current will vary as a function of temperature and the AC input voltage.
Specifications subject to change without notice.

Also Known As:
SW Plus 5548

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