Xantrex PROsine 3.0 24V Sine Wave Inverter/Charger

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Xantrex PROsine 3.0 24V Sine Wave Inverter/Charger

PROsine 3.0 24V, 3000W Sine Wave Inverter/Charger

Prosine 3.0 24V - 3000 Watt True Sine Wave Inverter/Chargers

Provides 3000 watts of sine wave AC power from a DC source and multistage battery charging

The Prosine 3.0 inverter/charger offer a powerful all-in-one solution, delivering unsurpassed clean true sine wave electrical power for all types of appliances along with technologically superior three-stage charging for longer battery life. Offering a revolutionary technology and power to weight ratio, Xantrex Prosine technology is the benchmark for premium integrated power systems.

Product Features
• 2500/3000 watt inverter, 50 A surge capability
• Power factor corrected multistage charger
• True sine wave output (crystal controlled)
• Built-in 30 A transfer switch automatically transfers between inverter power and incoming AC power
• Equalization mode conditions batteries for longer life
• Power sharing prevents tripping of shorepower breaker
• Compact, lightweight, and easy to install
• Includes remote panel and battery temperature sensor
• Two year warranty

Protection Features
• Over voltage and under voltage protection
• Over temperature protection and automatic overload protection
• Short circuit AC backfeed protection

• Available in 12 volt and 24 volt models
• DC wiring box for residential home installation
• GFCI-equipped AC wiring box

Prosine 2.5 Remote Panel (Included)
• Independent inverter and charger on/off controls
• LED bar graph display of DC volts and amps
• LED fault diagnostics

Prosine 3.0 (ACS) Remote Panel (Included)
• Independent inverter and charger on/off controls
• Push button control of power sharing, equalizing, battery set-up
• Easy to read backlit digital display
• Single at-a -glance display of AC and DC system information
• Text message fault diagnostics

Also Known As:
PROsine 3 24V

Electrical Specifications - Inverter

ModelsProsine 2.5Prosine 3.0
Output power (continuous)2500 watts3000 watts
Surge rating (5 sec.)4000 watts4000 watts
Output current (peak)50 A50 A
Output voltage (at no load)120 VAC +/-3%120 VAC +/-3%
Output voltage (over full load and battery voltage range)120 VAC RMS -10% / +4%120 VAC RMS -10% / +4%
Output frequency60 Hz +/-0.05% (crystal controlled)60 Hz +/-0.05% (crystal controlled)
Output waveformTrue sine wave<5% THDTrue sine wave<5% THD
Peak efficiency88%88%
No load current draw (search mode)<3 W<3 W
No load current draw (with inverter on)<60 W<60 W
Input DC voltage range (12 V/24 V)10 - 16 VDC / 20 - 32 VDC10 - 16 VDC / 20 - 32 VDC

Electrical Specifications - Charger

Charger rate (12 V/24 V)100 A/50 A120 A/60 A
Output voltage (nom. 12 V/24 V - depending on settings)
• Charge13.8 - 14.8 VDC / 27.6 - 29.6 VDC13.8 - 14.8 VDC / 27.6 - 29.6 VDC
• Float13.1 - 14.2 VDC / 26.2 - 28.4 VDC13.1 - 14.2 VDC / 26.2 - 28.4 VDC
• Equalize14.0 - 18.0 VDC / 28.0 - 26.0 VDC14.0 - 18.0 VDC / 28.0 - 26.0 VDC
Charge control3 stage with manual equalize3 stage with manual equalize
Charge temperature compensation3 settings or sensor3 settings or optional sensor
AC input power factor (charger on)0.990.99
Input AC voltage range90 - 135 VAC90 - 135 VAC

Note: Specifications subject to change without notice.

Note: Specifications and pricing of the Xantrex PROsine 3.0 24V Sine Wave Inverter/Charger subject to change without notice. Illustrations and descriptions of the Xantrex PROsine-3-24V do not claim to be complete or exhaustive.

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