Techno-Solis C15TS12 1.5\" Header 4 ft x 12 ft Solar Pool Panel

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Techno-Solis C15TS12 1.5" Header 4 ft x 12 ft Solar Pool Panel

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Techno-Solis C15TS12 1.5" Header 4 ft x 12 ft Solar Pool Panel

C15TS12 1.5" Header 4 ft x 12 ft Solar Pool Panel

The Techno-Solis collector is the most durable solar panel on the market today. In production since 1976, our panels have been installed by Authorized Techno-Solis Dealers all over the world and in just about every climatic condition possible. We have a proven track record of reliability, design superiority and unsurpassed performance. Techno-Solis has hundreds of thousands of solar pool heating installations in the United States, Canada and overseas. Panels come in 4' X 8', 4' X1 0', 4' X 12' and are made of welded polypropylene with UV stabilizers. Panels weigh from 19 to 29 lbs. dry and from 44 to 64 lbs loaded - a max of 1.3lb/sq.ft - easily carried by any roof.

Features of the Techno-Solis C15TS12 1.5" Header 4 ft x 12 ft Solar Pool Panel

Techno-Solis Advanteges

The Techno-Solis panel has been imitated over and over again, but our quality has never been duplicated. Our system has a patented design which will reliably heat your pool to a comfortable swimming temperature without increasing your utility bills.

Most Efficient

Other panels can cool rapidly during windy conditions because the individual flow tubes aren't insulated by each other.Techno-Solis flow tubes are connected for insulation so that they stay warm longer. This patented design also allows our panels to withstand freezing conditions better than collectors with round flow tubes that cannot expand or change shape.


Techno-Solis collectors contain 35% more polypropylene and UV stabilizers than any other panel. This means that our panels have a much longer life expectancy than the competition. In fact, our panels are so well built that they can withstand the strength of a 150 mph hurricane.

Industry's Best Warranty

  • 10 Year Full Replacement
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty After 10 Years
  • No Repair or Replace Clause
  • Freeze Damage Included

How Does It Work?

  • Black plastic panels capture the energy from the sun and use it to heat the water in your pool. Using the pump from your filtration system, water is circulated through the solar panels where it is heated and then returned to the pool. The system is designed to work with your existing pump, which need not necessarily be situated near the solar panels.
  • A valve, either manual or automatic, controls the flow of water in the solar panels. The automatic option responds to changing temperature conditions and adjusts accordingly to provide optimal comfort at all times.
  • The surface area of the solar panels should be at least half the surface area of the pool, in order to function properly. Such a system could raise the temperature of the water 3 or 4ºC (6 to 10ºF).
  • As with any heated pool, the use of a solar cover is always recommended — a practice which actually allows you to swim earlier and later in the season, thereby extending your swimming season.

Superior Design

The majority of solar pool heaters are designed with "individual" round flow tubes so that if a tube leaks it can be easily plugged. Some manufacturers even state in their warranty that a damaged system will be repaired if possible. In most cases a "repair" is nothing more than a plug. The problem with this is that a plugged panel is much less efficient or effective at heating your pool.

Another problem with the design of most solar pool heating systems is that the shape and thickness of the flow tube walls do no allow for prolonged expansion or contraction that occurs during seasonal temperature changes, or extreme weather such as freezing.

Techno-Solis' patented flat panel design is proven to be more Efficient and more Durable than other solar pool heaters. Here's why:

Absorb More Heat

Techno-Solis collectors are visibly thicker than any other pool heating collector because we use up to 35 percent more raw materials in our panels. This attracts more heat.

Reduce Heat Loss Better

Techno-Solis flow tubes are connected so that they stay warm longer. Other panels can cool rapidly during windy conditions because the "individual" flow tubes aren't insulated by each other.

Last Longer

The extra material in our panels allows for greater expansion and contraction, provides extra UV protection, and prevents weak spots.

Prevent Freeze Damage (covered by warranty)

Because water expands by approximately 9 % when turning to ice, the strain put on a solar panel's flow channel can be devastating. Techno-Solis Pool Heaters, however, are designed to withstand internal freezing better than any other panel on the market today. As the picture to the right illustrates, the 2 keys to our durability are the thickness of our panels and the shape of the flow channels.

  1.5" Header 2.0" Header
Size/Part # 4 x 12
4 x 10
4 x 8
4 x 12
4 x 10
4 x 08
Overall Length (In.) 143.18 119.43 95.06 144 120.25 95.86
Absorber Width (In.) 47.63 47.63 47.63 47.63 47.63 47.63
Header Length (In.) 50.75 50.75 50.75 50.75 50.75 50.75
Header OD (In.) 1.9 1.9 1.9 2.31 2.31 2.31
Header ID (In.) 1.48 1.48 1.48 1.89 1.89 1.89
Gross Area (Sq ft) 47.434 39.58 31.519 47.725 39.87 31.809
Net Area (Sq ft) 47.354 39.5 31.439 47.625 39.77 31.709
Number of Flow Channels 104 104 104 104 104 104
Nominal Hole Size 0.156 0.156 0.156 0.156 0.156 0.156

Dry (lbs) 29 24 19 30 25 20
Wet (lbs) 62.5 53.6 44.7 64.4 55.5 46.6
Wet Dispersed (lbs/sq ft) 1.32 1.36 1.42 1.31 1.35 1.41
Fluid Capacity (Gal) 4.03 3.56 3.09 4.13 3.66 3.19

Flow Rates
Max (Gpm) 10 10 10 10 10 10
Min (Gpm) 3 2.5 2.5 3 2.5 2.5
Recommended (Gpm) 4.95 4.95 4.95 4.95 4.95 4.95
Max # panels in parallel 7 9 11 10 12 14

Drop (Psi) 0.15 0.15 0.15 0.15 0.15 0.15
Max test (Psi) 80 80 80 80 80 80
Max operating range (Psi) +/- 10 +/- 10 +/- 10 +/- 10 +/- 10 +/- 10
Max operating spike (Psi) 35 35 35 35 35 35

FSEC Certification (BTU/day) 45600 38100 30400 45600 38100 30400
Wind Load (mph) 150 150 150 150 150 150

Important note for the Techno-Solis C15TS12 1.5" Header 4 ft x 12 ft Solar Pool Panel

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Note: Specifications and pricing of the Techno-Solis C15TS12 1.5" Header 4 ft x 12 ft Solar Pool Panel subject to change without notice. Illustrations and descriptions of the Techno-Solis C15TS12 do not claim to be complete or exhaustive.

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