Specialty Concepts MARK/15-12 Charge Controller

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Specialty Concepts MARK/15-12 Charge Controller

MARK 15-12 Charge Controller

Specialty Concepts
MARK 15 Photovoltaic Charge Controller

The Specialty Concepts, Inc. MARK 15 is a cost effective, flush mount, battery charge controller with digital system monitoring. The MARK 15 is available for 12 or 24-volt systems with charging current up to 15 amps, and provides efficient charging while protecting the batteries from damage due to overcharging. This controller is designed for use in mobile or stationary photovoltaic energy systems, with complete system monitoring of battery voltage, solar charging current, and charge set-point calibration. Chargemode status lights, battery condition LED bar-graph, a blocking diode, battery fuse and array fuse are standard.

• 15 amp charge current, 12 or 24 volt Easily handles over-currents
• Switching shunt, LFCS pulse charging method
• Field adjustable set-points

• 100% solid-state
• Designed for rugged mobile use
• Over-current protection - battery fuse, array fuse
• Reverse leakage protection - blocking diode
• Reverse polarity protection
• Lightning protection
• Input noise suppression
• Low power consumption
• 12 awg terminal block

• Digital monitoring of:

    a) System battery voltage
    b) Solar charge current
    c) Charge set-point calibration

• LED bar-graph BATTERY CONDITION indicator
• BAR or DOT display
• Power saver display mode MOUNTING
• Flush mount
• Knock-out box available for wall mounting (4x7 BOX accessory)

Nominal Voltage(Volts)1224
Array Voltage, Max (Voc)(Volts)2652
Array Current, Continuous (Isc)(Amps)1515
Array Current, Max (60 seconds)(Amps)2020
Load Current, Continuous (1)(3)(Amps)1010
Load Current, Max (60 seconds) (1)(3)(5)(Amps)1313
Operating Voltage at Battery, Min
   Charge Control(Volts)00
   Load Disconnect (LVD) (1)(Volts)8.519.0
   LCD Metering(Volts)7.818.0
   LED Bar-graph(Volts)10.521.0
Current Consumption
   Quiescent (Tare)(Milliamps)8.88.8
   Charging (with LED Bar-graph off)(Milliamps)12.812.8
      LED Bar-graph(Milliamps per LED)55
   Load Disconnected (1)(4)(Milliamps)4040
Charge Termination, Factory Set(Volts)14.4 + .228.8 + .4
Charge Termination, Adjustable Range (6)(Volts)13.6 - 15.327.2 - 30.6
Charge Resumption, Factory Set (6)(Volts)13.0 + .226.0 + .4
Load Disconnect (LVD), Factory Set (1)(Volts)11.5 + .223.0 + .4
Load Disconnect, Adjustable Range (7)(Volts)10.7 - 12.221.4 - 24.4
Load Reconnect, Factory set (1) (7)(Volts)13.0 + .326.0 + .6
Voltage Drop, Array to Battery @ 15 amp
   Controller, Max(Volts)0.50.5
   Controller and 2 fuses, Max(Volts)0.80.8
Voltage Drop, Battery to Load, Max. (1)(Volts)0.060.06
LCD Meter Accuracy
   DC Voltage(Volts)0.5 %0.5 %
   DC Current(Volts)1 %1 %
Temperature Comp. Coef. (from 25°C) (2)(Volts/°C)-.03-.06
Operating Temperature Range(°C)-30 to 50-30 to 50
Storage Temperature Range(°C)-40 to 70-40 to 70

(1) Low-voltage load disconnect option
(2) Temperature compensation option
(3) Non-inductive.
(4) LVD relay energized, typical value.
(5) Carry only, Non-switching
(6) The Charge Termination / Resumption span is fixed. The Resumption set-point changes as the Termination set-point is adjusted.
(7) The Load Disconnect / Reconnect span is fixed. The Reconnect set-point changes as the Disconnect set-point is adjusted.

Also Known As:
MARK 15 12

Note: Specifications and pricing of the Specialty Concepts MARK/15-12 Charge Controller subject to change without notice. Illustrations and descriptions of the Specialty Concepts MARK-15-12 do not claim to be complete or exhaustive.

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