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Southwest Windpower Whisper Link

Southwest Windpower
Whisper Link Grid Tied Wind Generator

Enjoy the benefits of utility power while reducing your electric bill every time the wind blows! It's been a dream of many homeowners and now it is possible. The Whisper Link 1 Kilowatt wind system will reduce or even eliminate your monthly electric bill. Based on proven technology with thousands in the field, the Whisper wind turbine can now be directly connected to the electrical grid through the SMA Windy Boy inverter. Depending on your location and energy consumption, a single Whisper Link system will reduce or even eliminate your monthly electrical expense, and in certain areas, generate revenue. You can become your own electric company!

Whisper Link Grid ConnectionPatented Side-Furling Design Whisper Link Controller The Whisper Link centers around the patented technology in the Whisper 200 wind turbine. The Whisper 200 is the world's best selling 1000 watt wind generator and will operate maintenance free year after year. Designed for low to moderate wind speeds, the 2.7 meter rotor diameter . Three moving parts minimizes component wear to achieve years of maintenance free operation. Only annual inspection of the system is required. Bearings are permanently sealed, with nothing to grease, no gear oil to replace or batteries to maintain. The Whisper Link controller provides overload protection between the Whisper 200 and the SMA Windy Boy Inverter. The Whisper 200 uses a patented side furling design that allows the alternator and blades to passively turn out when the winds are gusting. As the wind decreases the alternator returns to its original position. will provide up to 200Kwh per month as little as 12 mph average wind (sea level estimate)

Whisper Link ComponentsThe Whisper Link utilizes SMA's Windy Boy Inverter to complete the system. The Windy Boy inverter incorporates Peak Power Tracking Technology that optimizes output for maximum efficiency. The Windy Boy eliminates the necessity for cumbersome and expensive batteries and results in a typical net power increase of up to 20% over battery connected systems. SMA inverters have several communication options available including remote capabilities and computer connection. The SMA Advanced Inverter eliminates the necessity for batteries

Specifications for the Whisper Link

Whisper 200

  • Rotor Diameter: 9 feet (2.7 meters)
  • Weight: 65 lbs (30 kg)
  • Pipe Mount: 2.5" Schedule 40
  • Start Up Wind Speed: 7.0 mph (3.1 m/s)
  • Voltage: 120V
  • Peak Power: 1000 watts @ 26mph (11.6 m/s)
  • Controller: Whisper Link

SMA Windy Boy Inverters

  • Max DC Power: 1800-2500 Wp
  • Max DC Voltage: 400-600Vdc
  • Peak Efficiency: 94%
  • 1 Power Consum. < 7w
  • Size (mm): 434x295x214
  • Weight: .59-.66 lbs (.27-.30 kg)
  • Ambient Conditions: -13°F to +140°F (-25°C to +60°C)
  • Safety Standards: Hardware UL 1741, Firmware UL 1998

Small wind turbines were originally used during the early 1920's for charging batteries to operate a radio and a few lights in a small home. In the mid 1930's, the Rural Electrification Act brought the electrical grid to homes all across the country virtually eliminating the need for small wind systems. At that time, electricity was cheap and reliable. Today with rising energy costs and a deteriorating electrical grid, it is a different story and small wind has been making its resurgence in the American home.

Southwest Windpower claims what is unique about the small wind utility tie systems is they are relatively inexpensive as compared to other technologies such as solar photovoltaics. However their use is generally limited to rural area and places with adequate wind. Small wind systems are not for everyone but if you live on a piece of land of at least ½ acre, you have a wind speed average of at least of 9 mph and your electrical utility offers a net-metering policy then a small wind turbine could be right for you.

Enjoy the benefits of utility power while reducing your electric bill every time the wind blows! It's been a dream of many homeowners and now it is possible. The Whisper Link 1000 Watt system will reduce or even eliminate your monthly electric bill.

The Whisper Link Concept
The Whisper 200 grid-tie concept is the lowest cost energy producing home system on the market today. It can be installed in an afternoon and depending on your wind speed, a Whisper Grid Tie system will significantly reduce or even eliminate your monthly electrical bill.

Keep in mind, these systems are not for everyone. If you live in an urban or city environment or if your State does not allow the use of small systems to connect to the grid then it is likely a grid-tied wind system will not work for you. However, according to U.S. census data, there are more than 17 million homes in America that could use a Whisper Link system. Is your home one of them"

Is the Whisper Link Right for me"
If you are unsure, then lets get started. This page will take you through a series of questions to determine if a grid tie system is right for you.

Proper siting is very important to the performance and longevity of your wind turbine. A poorly sited wind turbine will bring nothing but poor performance, maintenance issues and frustration. For a wind turbine to operate effectively, it needs to be placed in good clean wind above obstructions which cause turbulence.

Your site should:
1) Be free from trees and other obstructions within a 250 foot radius of the site.

2) Be able to locate a tower where the top of it would be at least 20 feet above any surrounding object within that 250 foot radius.

Obstruction Clearances
Now that you know you have a good spot to locate your wind turbine, next we need to determine if you have enough wind. There are a number of ways to determine if you have a wind resource in your area.

You need a minimum of 9 MPH or about 4.2 M/S for your small wind system to be practical.

The National Renewable Energy Labs and a number of private and state organizations have been developing high resolution wind maps which offer resolutions up to 1 sq km. Currently, only certain states have an active map. Keep in mind, any data that is a class two or higher means you have enough wind at your site.

Visit State Wind Resource Maps to see your state's wind map.

Contact your local airport or weather station. In areas of relatively smooth country the winds are constant regardless of where you are. However, if the country side is very hilly then location to location will have a different wind speed.

Look at the trees can give you a fairly accurate determination. Below is what is called the Grigs Putmum wind energy index. By looking at the trees on your property and how they may have been deformed by the wind, you can determine the resource in the area.

Griggs Putnam Chart

If you have determined that you have a proper location and you have a wind resource that is at least 9 mph, you will need to ensure that your state allows the connection of a small wind turbine into the grid and perhaps offers incentives.

More than half the States in the Union offer incentives of one type of another. These range from no tax on renewables to discounts on the Whisper Link system by up to 70 percent! Using the Database of State Incentives for Renewable Energy(DSIRE), select your state to see what programs are available. Incentives are not critical but they can significantly reduce cost of your wind system. Most important in this issue is what is known as Net Metering. For a small wind system to be practical, a Net Metering law must be in place.

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Whisper Link

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