Solar-Log 200 Inverter Monitoring All Brands - One Inverter
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Solar-Log 200 Inverter Monitoring All Brands - One Inverter

Solar-Log 255240 Inverter Monitoring All Brands - One Inverter

Solar-Log is a cost-effective, monitoring system that supports over 40 inverter brands for monitoring any size installation, from residential to large-scale commercial systems. The award-winning Solar-Log "Easy Installation" function makes this one of the fastest and easiest monitoring systems to install. Solar-Log units connect to a local area network or Internet router throu Ethernet or WiFi. They have an RS-422/RS-485 input for wired connection to the inverter(s) of the system being monitored.  The Solar-Log200 supports a single inverter and is configured via built-in web server. The easy installation mode coupled with Solar-Log WEB Commercial edition allows you to connect the logger, check the status lights, then finish configuration remotely over the internet.

Features of the Solar-Log 200 Inverter Monitoring All Brands - One Inverter

Easy to Install

The Solar-Log200 is designed without a built-in display. It is connected to the inverter using a RS485 interface; the data from the plant monitoring system is supplied to the local network or to the internet via an ethernet interface. The web-based software makes configuration especially simple. The Solar-Log200 is compatible with all popular inverter manufacturers.


No more losses due to unnoticed failure of individual strings or the entire plant: The Solar-Log200 sends out alarms automatically via email or SMS. Daily yield notifications are also possible. Furthermore, all status and error messages can be conveniently called up from any web-enabled PC.

As for all Solar-Log™ devices, the Solar-Log200 also contains web-based evaluation software. Performance data for individual strings can be compared as can output from other plants (optional).

Secure and Upgradeable

The Solar-Log200 possesses integrated memory for data logging. Furthermore all of the data can be saved manually on the local PC or automatically on a homepage. Subsequently incorporating it into an existing plant is no problem either: Data can be manually added or imported. For the Solar-Log200 we offer a comprehensive range of accessories and enhancements. Applications for handheld PCs and iPhones offer additional possibilities for monitoring and presentation in mobile use.

Saving and Importing Data

The Solar-Log200 possesses a 2 gigabyte micro SD memory chip. The device saves data on it in five-minute intervals - uninterrupted, for 20 years. In addition, an extra capacitor buffer memory saves the data from the last 50 days just in case. All of the data can be saved manually on the local PC or automatically on a selected homepage in the internet. The data is stored in the globally compatible CSV format, a simple text file in which individual data is separated by semicolons. This standard allows existing stored data to be read easily, and also to be quickly imported. Even manual additions of written records are thus completed in a matter of minutes.

Solar-Log 200 Specification
Powermanagement (PM+)+
Central inverter SCB and SMB-
Max. no. of inverters1
Communication interface1 x RS485 / RS422
recommended max. plant size15 kWp
Max. cable lengthmax. 1000m

Plant monitoring
String monitoring (depending on type of inverter)+
Inverter failure+
Status of power monitoring+
Status of fault+
Connection of sensors (temp./wind)+
Connection to Sensor Basic+
E-mail and SMS alarm+
Local alarm (pot.-free contact)-
Yield forecast+
Degradation calculation+
Self-produced energy consumption: Digital electricity meter+
Self-produced energy consumption: Control of ext. consumers-

Integrated web servers+
Graphic visualisation - PC local+
Graphic visualisation - USB flash drive-
Graphic visualisation - Internet+
LED - status display+
Display on device-
Operation on device-
Large display RS485/S0 impulse-

S₀ in/out+ / -
Ethernet network+
USB flash device-
Modem, analogue / GPRS(GSM) / DSL-
Potential-free contact (relay)-
Alarm contact (anti-theft)-

General data
Network voltage / device voltage115 V - 230 V / 12 V
Current consumption3W
Ambient temperature-10°C to +50°C
Housing/dimensions (W x D x H) in cmPlastic / 22,5 x 4 x 28,5
AssemblyWall -mounted
Protection levelIP 20 (only for interior use)
Connection to Solar-Log™ WEB+
Multi-lingual (DE, EN, ES, FR, IT, NL,DA)+
Memory, micro SD, 2 GB, Endless-loop data recording+
Warranty cover age5 years
Note: Specifications and pricing of the Solar-Log 200 Inverter Monitoring All Brands - One Inverter subject to change without notice. Illustrations and descriptions of the Solar-Log 255240 do not claim to be complete or exhaustive.
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