Solar Converters PT 12/24-15 MPPT 15A Charge Controller - No Enclosure

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Solar Converters PT 12/24-15 MPPT 15A Charge Controller - No Enclosure

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Solar Converters PT 12/24-15 MPPT 15A Charge Controller - No Enclosure

15 Amp Charge Controller


This charge controller is used to charge a battery from a PV power source. This charge controller can be ordered with a special float voltage to charge small batteries used for Video or digital cameras or small security camera systems. The exceptional small size of this unit makes it extremely portable and able to fit almost anywhere in the user equipment. This unit may also be adjusted to charge a lower voltage battery form a higher voltage power source.

Model: PT 12/24-15


  • Single unit 12/24 V operation
    • Will even charge a 12 V battery from a 24 V array or odd voltage array.

  • Real world 15 - 30 % more current than conventional technology into discharged batteries
  • Current Limited Output - can operate from multiple input sources
  • Means faster battery charging or higher system power at similar cost
  • Maximizes Battery Life
    • Dual Float Charge Technique Recommended by battery manufacturers for maximum capacity and lifetime

  • Transient Protection

      Certified to IEEE/ANSI 62.41 1991 4 Kv (simulated lightning strike)

  • Low Noise
    • Certified to FCC Section 15J Part B(electrical interference)

  • Overvoltage Protection
    • Regulates output at float level even without batteries connected (or bad batteries). Will substantially recover lost battery if recoverable.

    Also Known As:

    Also Known As:

    Electrical Specifications

    Nominal Voltage (V)1224
    Nominal PV Array (V)1224
    Max Array Voltage (V)5050
    Max Output (A)1515
    Self Consumption (A)
    Setpoint Tolerance (+/-)5%5%
    Float Setting **(V)14.127.2
    Overcharge Setting (V)14.529.0
    Temp. Comp. mv/Deg C-4-4

    ** Special units have a suffix of B XX after the part number. The float value of the charge controller is XX. For example PT 12/24 - 5 B8.4 will charge a li-ion battery to 8.4 V from a nominal 12 V solar panel. Note that the charge current increase by the ratio of approx. 15/8.4. Thus a 1 amp 12 V nominal solar panel will charge the li-ion battery at approx. 1.78 amps.

    Temperature Compensation:

    Uses a National LM335Z temperature sensor available from Solar Converters Inc. as Model TC-2.

    LVD Control:

    Short these terminals together with a relay contact, (rated 32 V @ .1 A - be careful of dry contacts) or a similiarly rated transistor and the LVD will open; forming an effective load disconnect.
      Used for Battery Backed Solar Water pumping as a Float Switch Control.

    Mecanical Specifications


    • approx. 2 lbs.
    • 7" X 5" X 2"

    Operating Temperature:

    • -40 to 60 deg. C
    • We suggest the unit not be placed in direct sunlight


    • 0 - 90 % non-condensing
    • 0 - 100 % when mounted in a Nema enclosure



    • Battery, PV and Load
    • #10 - #22 AWG Eurostyle Terminal Strip


    • Temperature Compensation, LVD Control, and 12/24 operation
    • Eurostyle Terminal Strip: #16 - #26 AWG


    • Jumper selectable for 12/24 battery and/or panel operation.

    Note: In the interest of continuous product improvement, specifications subject to change without notice.

    Order Model No:

    PT 12/24-15

    PT 12/24-15 BXX for different battery voltages where XX is the full charge battery voltage

    Note: Specifications and pricing of the Solar Converters PT 12/24-15 MPPT 15A Charge Controller - No Enclosure subject to change without notice. Illustrations and descriptions of the Solar Converters PT 12/24-15 do not claim to be complete or exhaustive.

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