Solar Converters BD-2 Adjustable Output Battery Desulfator 12-24-48V

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Solar Converters BD-2 Adjustable Output Battery Desulfator 12-24-48V

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Solar Converters BD-2 Adjustable Output Battery Desulfator 12-24-48V

BD-2 Adjustable Output Battery Desulfator 12/24/48V Adjustable Output

Sulphite crystals form when the battery charge is reduced and/or the discharge/ discharge cycles are not well suited for the battery. These sulphite crystals act as insulators to the flow of electricity in the battery, seriously degrading the capability of the battery to have electricity flow in it, reducing its charging and discharge capability. Like most battery desulphators, this unit uses a sharp pulse of current forced into the battery suddenly to "jar" the sulphite crystals and cause internal resonances, both mechanical and electrical, to grind down the sulphite crystals that form so they can be re-combined into the battery acid. For increased performance, this unit precisley controls the magnitude of the sharp pulse of current, which is adjustable by the user. This adjustment is important as no 2 batteries are the same and no 2 battery setups are the same. As well, battery desulphaters, as they work with current spikes, may interfere with equipment connected to the unit. This adjustment allow the user to taylor the both the current spike and at what voltage it is present.

Features of the Solar Converters BD-2 Adjustable Output Battery Desulfator 12-24-48V:

  • Single unit 12 to 48 V nominal systems
  • Adjustable pulse strengt
    • 0.0 Amp pulse to 10 amp pulse
  • LED to indicate unit operating
  • LED to indicate relative strength of battery
  • Adjustable on/off voltage
    • Can be adjusted to only operate when battery is near full.
  • EXTREMELY low draw
  • User Controls
    • Pulse Current Magnitude
    • On/Off Voltage
  • LED Indicators
    • Unit Operating

Also Known As:
BD 2

Nominal battery voltages (V) 12 - 48 V DC
Maximum Input (V) 63 V DC
Maximum Pulse Current(A) 10 amps
Range of Pulse Current 0.0 Amps to 10 amps
Adjustable with small screwdriver
Range of On/Off Control 0 V to 70 V
Adjustable with Voltmeter and small screwdriver
Self Consumption < 50 ma from battery at full pulse
Effeciency >96% over 20% pulse load
Weight 0.3 lbs
Size (inches) 3 x 2 x 1.5
Connections Power #16 AWG Flying Leads
Operting Temperature -40 to 60 deg. C


Note: Specifications and pricing of the Solar Converters BD-2 Adjustable Output Battery Desulfator 12-24-48V subject to change without notice. Illustrations and descriptions of the Solar Converters BD-2 do not claim to be complete or exhaustive.
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