SMA SI 5048US Sunny Island 5000W / 48VDC Inverter

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SMA SI 5048US Sunny Island 5000W / 48VDC Inverter

SMA SI 5048US Sunny Island 5000W / 48VDC Inverter

The Island Manager

Commissioning within minutes: the Sunny Island 5048 makes it possible. All required operational settings can be made quickly and easily in just a few steps. The Sunny Island 5048 is flexible in its application, extendable and takes on all control processes. Its first-class battery management ensures maximum battery life. In addition, the device features an impressive high-efficiency, ergonomic die-cast aluminum enclosure and an OptiCool active cooling system. The Sunny Island is also available in a UL-compliant 5048-US version with an output rating of 120 V and 60 Hz for the North American market.

Features of the SMA SI 5048US Sunny Island 5000W / 48VDC Inverter:


  • For systems from 3 to 300 kW
  • 1- and 3-phase operation, connectable in parallel and modularly extendable
  • AC and DC coupling


  • Easy commissioning with the "Quick Configuration Guide"
  • Complete off-grid management


  • High efficiency
  • Intelligent battery management for maximum battery life
  • Charge level calculation


  • Extreme overload capability
  • OptiCool
  • 5-year SMA warranty

Also Known As:

Also Known As:

  Sunny Island 5048-US

AC output (loads)
Nominal AC voltage (adjustable) 120 V (105 V — 132 V)
Nominal frequency (adjustable) 60 Hz (55 Hz — 65 Hz)
Continuous AC power at 25 °C / 45 °C 5000 W / 4000 W
AC output power at 25 °C for 30 min / 1 min / 3 s 6500 W / 8400 W / 11000 W
Nominal AC current / max. AC current (peak) 41.7 A /180 A for 60 ms
THD output voltage / power factor < 3 % / —1 to +1

AC input (generator or grid)
AC input voltage (range) 120 V (80 V — 150 V)
AC input frequency (range) 60 Hz (54 Hz — 66 Hz)
Max. input current (adjustable) / max. input power 56 A (0 A — 56 A) / 6.7 kW

Battery DC input
Battery voltage (range) 48 V (41 V — 63 V)
Max. battery charging current / continuous charging current at 25 °C 120 A / 100 A
Battery type / battery capacity (range) lead, NiCd / 100 — 10,000 Ah
Charge control IUoU process

Efficiency / operating consumption
Max. efficiency 95 %
Own consumption with no load / standby 25 W / 4 W

Protection devices
DC reverse polarity protection / DC fuse yes / yes
AC short-circuit / AC overload yes / yes
Overtemperature / excessive battery discharge yes / yes

General data
Dimensions (W / H / D) in mm 467mm / 612mm / 235mm (18 / 24 / 9)in
Weight 139 lbs 63 kg
Operating temperature range —25 °C ... +50 °C (–13 ° F +122 °F)
Protection rating (as per IEC 60529) indoors (NEMA 1)

Features / function
Operation & display / multifunction relays internal / 2
3-phase systems / parallel connection yes / yes
Integrated bypass / multicluster operation — / yes
Charge level calculation / full- / equalization charge yes / yes / yes
Integrated soft start / generator support yes / yes
Battery temperature sensor / communication cables yes / yes
Warranty: (5 / 10 / 15 / 20 / 25 years) yes / opt. / opt. / opt. / opt.
Certificates and permits

Battery cables / battery fuses opt. / opt.
Interfaces (RS485 / Multicluster PB) opt. / opt.
GenMan extended generator start opt.
Load-shedding contactor / battery current measurement opt. / opt.
Last revision: May 2010  
Type designation SI 5048U


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