Rolls Battery R+ Recombination Cap

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Rolls Battery R+ Recombination Cap

R+ Recombination Cap

To fully charge any storage battery a certain amount of overcharge is necessary. This equalizes the power in the cells of the battery. When a cell reaches 80% capacity, surplus energy is dissipated through heat, which results in the release of hydrogen and oxygen gasses. These gasses escape from the battery and cause a reduction in the electrolyte level. You must then counteract this process by "topping up" these cells with distilled water.

R+ Recombination Caps are able to catalytically recombine the hydrogen and oxygen gasses into pure water which is then returned to the battery cell. This process drastically reduces the amount of "topping up" and virtually eliminates the danger of a hydrogen gas explosion. Corrosion is eliminated because the acid spray and fumes are contained within the cell. In general, and under normal conditions, R+ Recombination Caps decrease the frequency of watering intervals by three times - meaning up to 3 fewer annual watering / maintenance intervals.

Features of the Rolls Battery R+ Recombination Cap

  • Drastically reduce the amount of time and money you spend on "topping up" your batteries.
  • Virtually eliminate the risk the venting of hydrogen gas can cause.
  • Contain corrosive elements - which increase the life of your battery and decrease cleaning time.
  • Provide the user with all the benefits of a flooded type battery with minimal maintenance similar to sealed batteries.
  • Increases watering interval by three times. This can be as long as 12 months.


The R+ Recombination Cap is very effective against water loss due to evaporation due to high temperatures.

The water loss is less in high humid areas versus dry areas.

The R+ Recombination Cap will not melt below 300°F

The R+ Recombination Cap is working properly if the top is warm. If the top is too hot to maintain hand contact, then the voltage settings are too high.

To avoid damaged and melted caps, always remove R+ Recombination Caps during equalization charge

Also Known As:

Consists of Models:
Recombination Cap

Diameter41mm / 1.61 inch
Height13mm / 0.50 inch
Weight13 G / .46 ounce
Life Expectancy8-10 years
VoltageRecombination (ml/hr/100AH capacity)
700AH Cell at 2.58 Volts, Catalyst will recombine 5.5048 ml per hour
Note: Specifications and pricing of the Rolls Battery R+ Recombination Cap subject to change without notice. Illustrations and descriptions of the Rolls Battery R+ Recombination Cap do not claim to be complete or exhaustive.
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