Outback Power SRE2500-120-NA 2500W Inverter with Battery Enclosure

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Outback Power SRE2500-120-NA 2500W Inverter with Battery Enclosure

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Outback Power SRE2500-120-NA 2500W Inverter with Battery Enclosure

SRE2500-120-NA Enclosure w/cover, outdoor rated, 120VAC 2500W 24VDC inverter & 1 battery cabinet

SmartRE is the revolutionary Smart Renewable Energy solution from OutBack Power, bringing you simplified grid-tie solar with back-up power for residential and small commercial applications. Designed with an emphasis on ease of installation, a SmartRE solution installs and operates similarly to basic grid-tie solar inverters but with the unique additional benefit of providing UPS quality battery back-up during utility outages. An integrated ultrafast AC transfer switch guarantees that even sensitive back-up loads, like computers, never know when a utility outage occurs. Recommended AGM batteries are maintained and charged by an innovative OutBack multi-stage charging process. This valuable feature assists in providing reliable back-up power and will help extend your battery life up to 10 years.

The SmartRE is a versatile product and can be installed both indoors and outdoors. Available in power levels up to 3kW and capable of providing as much as 69 kWh of back-up power during outages, there is a SmartRE solution for your application. With matching type 3R rainproof power electronics and battery enclosures constructed of aluminum, a SmartRE solution can be either wall or pad mounted, making this the most versatile grid-tie with battery backup solution on the market. This solution is designed and manufactured by OutBack Power to ensure that a SmartRE solution works reliably for years to come. A standard 5-year warranty, with an option to add an additional five year warranty, provides peace of mind.

Ease of installation, UPS quality battery back-up, and solutions as large as 3kW along with proven OutBack engineering makes the SmartRE system the Smart choice for a premium Grid-Interactive solar power system.

Features of the Outback Power SRE2500-120-NA 2500W Inverter with Battery Enclosure

  • Easy to Install
  • Grid-Tie Battery Back-Up
  • UPS Quality Battery Back-Up
  • Up tp 3.0 kW of Solar
  • Indoor and Outdoor Rated
  • Wall or Pad Mounted

Also Known As:
SRE2500 120 NA

SmartRE Specifications SMARTRE 2500 SMARTRE 3000
Models SRE2500-120-NA SRE2500-120/240-NA SRE3000-120-NA SRE3000-120/240-NA
Continuous Power Rating 2500VA 3000VA

AC Specifications

Nominal AC Voltage:  Sell 120VAC 120VAC 120VAC 120VAC
Nominal AC Voltage:  Invert 120VAC 120VAC / 240VAC 120VAC 120VAC / 240VAC
Nominal Frequency Output -- -- 60hz --
Maximum AC Current Output: Peak (1 millisecond) 70A at 120VAC 70A at 120VAC/35A at 240VAC 70A at 120VAC 70A at 120VAC/35A at 240VAC
Maximum AC Current Output : RMS (100 millisecond) 50A at 120VAC 50A at 120VAC/25A at 240VAC 50A at 120VAC 50A at 120VAC/25A at 240VAC
AC Overload Capability Ouput: Surge 6000VA 6000VA
AC Overload Capability Ouput:  5 Seconds 4800VA 5000VA
AC Overload Capability Ouput:  30 Minutes 3200VA 4000VA
AC Output Current 20.8A at 120VAC 20.8A at 120 VAC / 10.4A at 240 VAC 25.0A at 120VAC 25.0 A at 120 VAC / 12.5 A at 240 VAC
Total Harmonic Distortion Sell Current <5%
Invert Voltage 2% Typical
AC Inputs Two 60A 120VAC AC Inputs [ Grid / Generator ]
AC Transfer Switch Speed <16 milliseconds
Anti-Islanding Protection Compliant UL1741-2005 / IEEE1547
Output Waveform True Sine Wave

DC Specifications

Maximum PV Array Wattage - STC/Nameplate 4000 W DC STC 4000 W DC STC 4000 W DC STC 4000 W DC STC
MPPT PV Input Voltage Range 50-150 VDC VOC Including Maximum Voltage Temperature Correction
MPPT PV Operating Voltage Range 50-145 VDC Including Maximum Voltage Temperature Correction
Maximum PV Open Circuit Voltage 150VDC VOC
Maximum PV Short Circuit Current 64A
Ground Fault Protection 80A DC Breaker (Detection >0.5A)
Electronic Overcurrent Protection Yes
Separate PV MPPT Inputs 1
Maximum Battery Charger Output: AC Source (Grid or Gen.) 35A DC 35A DC 45A DC 45A DC
Maximum Battery Charger Output: DC Source (PV Array) 80A DC 80A DC 80A DC 80A DC
Battery Voltage                                          Nominal 48 VDC
                                                                       Operating Range 42-68 VDC
Recommended Minimum Battery Capacity 100 Amp hours at 48VDC / 4kWH
Temperature Compensated Battery Charging Yes

Solution Specifications

Inverter Efficiency Up to 93%
Nighttime Consumption 0 W AC
AC Input and Output Terminals Accepts #2 to #14 AWG SET/Screw Type Compression Terminals
Information Display Battery State of Charge, PV Active, Inverter Output,
Grid Active, Generator Active
Integrated Communications Included MATE 2 for Remote System Information
Operating Temperature Range -40º C to 60º C (power derated above 25º C)
Batteries Not Included
Recommended Batteries Group 27, Group 31 and Tall Group 31 AGM or Gel Cell Batteries
(Please see documentation for list of compatible models)
Enclosure Rating Type 3R / Outdoor Rainproof
Enclosure Materials Aluminum
Electronics Enclosure Mounting Options Wall Mount (Bracket Included),
Ground Mount, Concrete Pad Mount
Enclosure Dimensions (HxWxD) 2 Enclosures: 42.75x19x20.38”
(108.58x48.26x51.75 cm)
Weight:  Power Electronics 134lbs (60.7 kg) 166 lbs (75.3 kg) 134 lbs (60.7 kg) 166 lbs (75.3 kg)
Weight:   Battery Enclosures 44 lbs (19.9 kg) (not including batteries)
Certifications ETL Listed to UL1741, CSA C22.2 No. 107.1
Warranty 5 Year Limited Warranty Standard/Optional 10 Year Warranty
Options Matching Battery Enclosure, Battery Enclosure Paralleling Kit, Battery Installation Kit


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