OutBack Power PSSB Combiner for Sunny Boy

The OutBack Power PSSB Combiner for Sunny Boy is no longer available from Infinigi.

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OutBack Power PSSB Combiner for Sunny Boy

PSSB Combiner for Sunny Boy. Aluminum NEMA 3R enclosure.

OutBack Power PSSB PV Segmenting Breaker

OutBack Power Systems now offers a PV array disconnect designed specifically to work with the SMA Sunny Boy line-tie inverter systems.  It can also be used with other high voltage utility interactive PV inverters or other applications such as large inverter power systems or water pumping systems, etc.  Can also be used as a standard 600 vdc disconnect for a single high voltage PV array. 

The OutBack PSSB is designed to provide NEC code compliant overcurrent protection and disconnect means  of up to six separate low voltage PV subarrays into a single high voltage PV array for connection to a high voltage PV inverter.  An optional AC breaker disconnect can also be field installed inside the same enclosure to provide a local means of disconnect at the location of the inverter.

Standard Features and Components of the OutBack PSSB

•   Outdoor, rainproof powder coated aluminum enclosure - can be installed on vertical or sloped surfaces down to a 3/12 pitch (14 degrees). 

•   Six pole load break rated "segmenting" circuit  breaker disconnect - allows connection of up to six low voltage PV subarrays which are then connected in series to form a high voltage PV array.  Each subarray is 48 vdc nominal with an open circuit of less than 100 vdc maximum. 

•   Reduces the hazards of working with high voltage wiring during installation and troubleshooting

•   Allows easy comparison of each PV subarray for verification of PV panel performance

•   ¾ and 1 inch conduit knockouts - one on the bottom and one on the back - with enough clearance provided to punch up to a 2 inch conduit for larger cabling for long wire runs. 

•   Eight  ½ inch knockouts on bottom for PV module or subarray input conduits or strain reliefs

•   One ½ knockout on each side - with enough clearance provided to punch up to a 1-1/4 inch conduit for connecting multiple PSSBs together.  

•   One #1/0 AWG ground lug - can be located on inside or outside of enclosure - optional GBB for systems with multiple ground wires.   

•   Space allowed for the addition of current sensors and lightning protection components

•   Optional 15 amp 240 VAC disconnect breaker can be field installed inside the same enclosure to provide  a local means of disconnect at the inverter location. 

•   Ratings:  15 amps / 600 vdc maximum

Optional Components  

•  OBAC-15D - AC breaker disconnect - 2 pole 15 amp 208 and 240 vdc load break rated - 10K AIC

•  GBB - Ground Bus Bar- provides additional ground terminations - three #1/0 and eight #6 max

•  PSSB-MP - Mounting plate for one PSSB and a Sunny Boy Inverter - 16 & 24 inch mounting holes


Physical Dimensions

•  PSSB enclosure:  9.2" wide x 3.5" deep x 13.1" tall  (23.1cm x 8.7cm x 33.2cm)

•   Shipping size:  10" x 4" x 14"   Shipping Weight:  6 pounds  (2.7 kG)

Note: Specifications and pricing of the OutBack Power PSSB Combiner for Sunny Boy subject to change without notice. Illustrations and descriptions of the OutBack Power PSSB do not claim to be complete or exhaustive.
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