Iota Engineering IQ4-12-36VDC 3 Stage Smart Controller
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Iota Engineering IQ4-12-36VDC 3 Stage Smart Controller

IQ4-12-36VDC 3 Stage Smart Controller

The IQ4 Charge Controller offers automatic charging control for DLS Battery Chargers, providing longer and safer use of your system’s battery. The IQ4 Controller allows the DLS Charger to operate as an automatic 3-stage “smart charger” that gives the customer the benefit of Bulk, Absorption, and Float stage charging. Three-Stage Charging increases the charging capacity of the DLS charger and decreases the charge time while insuring proper and safe battery charging and minimizing the possibility of over-charging. The IQ4 monitors the battery at all times. If the DLS voltage remains in the Float stage for more than seven days, the IQ4 will automatically enter the Equalization stage for a predetermined time to help maintain the battery plates, and then resume float stage charging.

Features of the Iota Engineering IQ4-12-36VDC 3 Stage Smart Controller:

Bulk Stage
The Bulk Stage of the IQ4 allows the batteries to be charged from the full rated output of the charger (for example, a 12V charger will charge at a maximum of 14.8V). This increased charging period reduces the overall charging time of the battery.
Absorption Stage
After the Bulk Stage, the IQ4 then moves to the Absorption Stage (14.2V for a 12V battery). This mode will continue for up to 480 minutes (8 hours) to ensure that the battery receives a complete charge.
Float Stage
During the Float Stage, the IQ4 reduces the DLS charge voltage. This reduced voltage maintains the full charge while minimizing 'gassing' of the battery. The IQ4's float stage prevents boiling and bulging of the battery caused when the battery is exposed to higher charging voltages for too long.
Equalization Stage
If the batteries remain in a "float stage" for a seven-day period, the IQ4 will switch the DLS charger into a pre-programmed Equalization Stage. This protects the life of your battery by dissolving any sulfate layer on the battery's internal plates and avoids stratification that can occur when a battery has not been in use for extended periods. The LED Indicator
An LED Indicator on the IQ4 informs the user as to the status of the battery and the charging stage. When first activated, the IQ4 will read the number of cells in the battery and indicate the voltage of the battery through a number of flashes.

  • 6 flashes = 12 volt battery
  • 12 flashes = 24 volt battery
  • 18 flashes = 36 volt battery
  • 24 flashes = 48 volt battery

After reading the battery, the IQ4 will initiate either a Bulk Charge phase or Float Charge phase depending on the battery's charge status. When the IQ4 is in the Bulk Charge mode, the green LED indicator will flash rapidly. When the Bulk Charge is complete, theIQ4 begins the Absorption Charge and the LED indicator will flash at a slower rate. When the battery charging is complete and the IQ4 begins the Float Charge, the LED will remain lit and no longer flash. If, when first activated, the battery is not in need of charging, theIQ4 will immediately begin the Float charge phase and the LED will be remain lit after it has counted the battery cells.

Charging Voltages
The charging voltages used to charge the battery during the three stages differ depending on the voltage of the battery being charged. If you are interested in knowing the various voltages, they are easy to calculate. Follow the simple steps below:

  1. Determine the number of cells your battery has by counting the flashes on the IQ4 when it is first activated (1 flash = 1 cell)
  2. Multiply the number of cells by the appropriate voltage for the individual charging stage. Use the table below:

Charging PhaseVoltage Charge per Cell
Bulk Charge 2.466
Absorption Charge 2.366
Float Charge 2.266

Example: A 12V battery (6 cells) will Bulk Charge at 14.8V (6 x 2.466).

Simple Installation:

The IQ4 can be installed by plugging the IQ4 cord into the Dual Voltage jack located on the DLS*. The IQ circuitry is then automatically engaged. (*location of the Dual Voltage Jack may vary depending on the DLS Model.)

Also Known As:
IQ4 12 36VDC

Note: Specifications and pricing of the Iota Engineering IQ4-12-36VDC 3 Stage Smart Controller subject to change without notice. Illustrations and descriptions of the Iota Engineering IQ4-12-36VDC do not claim to be complete or exhaustive.
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