IES DS-500 Battery Conditioner - DeSulfator

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IES DS-500 Battery Conditioner - DeSulfator

IES DS-500 Battery Conditioner - DeSulfator

DeSulfator Battery Conditioners

IES DeSulfator Advantages
• Conditions Battery
• Increases Battery Life
• Increases Battery Performance
• Increases Equipment Reliability
• Decreases Battery Replacement Costs
• Two-year Warranty

When a lead-acid battery is discharged, a soft, lead sulfate material forms on the battery plates. During the battery’s recharge, this material is lifted off of the plates and recombined into the battery’s electrolyte solution. If, however, the battery is left in a partial state of discharge for as short as 70 hours, the lead sulfate material will begin to harden and crystallize, forming a permanent insulative barrier. As this barrier becomes thicker, the battery’s ability to accept a charge or deliver energy is diminished, resulting in the perception that the battery is no longer usable. The accumulation of such deposits, otherwise known as sulfation, is the most destructive process in the life of any lead-acid battery.

The IES DeSulfator battery conditioner is a pulse generator that extends the life of lead-acid batteries and increases their efficiency. Using its patented sweeping pulse process, the DeSulfator electronically eliminates and prevents this life limiting process. Batteries protected by the IES DeSulfator will provide more energy and last longer than any other battery. Designed to operate without taking the battery out of service, it connects directly to the battery. The IES DeSulfator emits a “sweeping pulse” of energy to the battery set. The frequency at which these pulses are emitted are tuned to excite the structural components of the sulfate deposits. This process enables sulfation to revert back into the electrolyte solution.

Simply attach the color-coded leads to the battery terminals. Its smart multi-plexing circuitry uses only a fraction of a watt to continually condition the battery. It does not interfere with any type of battery charging equipment and works on all types of lead-acid batteries including wet cell, sealed, gel-cell or absorbed electrolyte. Specify voltage when ordering: 12, 24, or 48. 12” lead length.

Braun’s R&D, a subsidiary of Braun’s Energy Products, who provides independent testing and evaluation to manufacturers of industrial and maintenance products, reached the following conclusions after testing the DS-500:

1. The sweeping pulse technology improves the performance of most batteries.
2. The sweeping pulse technology did not have any “negative” effects. The operation of the IES devices was transparent to the operators of all of the vehicles tested.
3. The DS500 Battery Conditioner proved significantly beneficial for most batteries.
4. The units were more beneficial to newer batteries over “seasoned” batteries.

We have used the term “most batteries” because the Sweeping Pulse Technology cannot restore a battery that has structural damage. During our field evaluation we encountered several structurally damaged batteries. It should be noted that several of the damaged batteries actually showed improvements in several tested areas, just not enough to return them to service. We defined “performance” in terms of available amperage and load voltage, i.e., higher available amperage and high load voltage values equals a “stronger” battery.

Although we did not directly measure reserve capacity and life span, we believe that the sweeping pulse technology devices will have a positive effect on these characteristics. We base this statement on the fact that these characteristics are directly influenced by the performance we did measure.

Battery ConditionerDS-500DS-1000
Power Consumption0.2 watts0.4 watts
Dimensions2" x 3" x 1.5"3" x 3" x 1.5"
Weight0.4 lbs.0.6 lbs.
Pulse Frequency (Hz)10,000-100,00010,000-100,000
Lead Length12"12"
Suggested Battery Capacityup to 500 amp hrs.up to 500-1200 amp hrs.
Voltage12, 24, 36, 48, 60, and 72

Also Known As:
DS 500

Note: Specifications and pricing of the IES DS-500 Battery Conditioner - DeSulfator subject to change without notice. Illustrations and descriptions of the Innovative Energy Systems DS-500 do not claim to be complete or exhaustive.

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