Evergreen Solar EC-120-GL-K 120 Watt Photovoltaic Module

The Evergreen Solar EC-120-GL-K 120 Watt Photovoltaic Module is no longer available from Infinigi.

Regrettably, we do not have any inventory left nor have access to this product as it is discontinued. Please note that we place this message on products that we have exhausted our options in obtaining. Contacting us will only reaffirm this message.

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Evergreen Solar EC-120-GL-K 120 Watt Photovoltaic Module

Cedar Line™ Photovoltaic Modules

Advanced technology with promise for the future
• String Ribbon™ polycrystalline solar cells outperform thin films and achieve comparable performance to bulk crystalline technologies while using half as much silicon.
• The proprietary cell fabrication process is among the most environmentally friendly in the business.

Predictable, reliable, long-term performance
• Each module is individually tested to ensure field performance meets or exceeds specifications.
• Solar cells are matched to reduce internal losses and the possibility of hot spots.
• Rugged, durable anodized aluminum frame makes for strong, stable mechanical mounting.
• Industry standard EVA (Ethyl Vinyl Acetate) and Tedlar™ construction protects solar cells from mechanical and environmental stress.

Easier, faster, more accurate wiring
• Sealed junction box never needs maintenance.
• Easy, accurate, reliable electrical connections.
• Comes with factory-installed wires, connectors, and bypass diode(s).

The power of PV
• Photovoltaics (PV) provide clean, quiet, reliable electricity from sunlight.
• No moving parts to wear out.
• No emissions – power that’s good for the environment.
• The sun – a limitless, readily-available power source.

Also Known As:
EC 120 GL K

Pp 110 115 120
Vp 17.0 17.1 17.6
Ip 6.47 6.73 6.82
Voc 21.3 21.3 21.5
Isc 7.48 7.62 7.68
Cells 72 72 72
Max. Series Fuse 15A
UL System Voltage Rating 600V
TUV System Voltage Rating 800V
*At STC (Standard Test Conditions): 1000 W/m2, 25° C cell temperature, AM 1.5 spectrum. Power specifications are -2% at Evergreen Solar’s tester, other specifications are +/-10%. Specifications subject to change without notice. 25 year limited power warranty. Complete warranty available on request.
Note: Specifications and pricing of the Evergreen Solar EC-120-GL-K 120 Watt Photovoltaic Module subject to change without notice. Illustrations and descriptions of the Evergreen Solar EC-120-GL-K do not claim to be complete or exhaustive.

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