Enphase Energy D380-72-208-S12 Inverter - Twin Module 208VAC with 4mm Locking Connector

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Enphase Energy D380-72-208-S12 Inverter - Twin Module 208VAC with 4mm Locking Connector

D380-72-208-S12 Inverter - Twin Module 208VAC with 4mm Locking Connector

Enphase Energy D380-72-208-S12 Inverter - Twin Module 208VAC with 4mm Locking Connector


The Enphase Microinverter shifts DC to AC conversion from a large, centralized inverter to a compact unit attached directly to each solar module in the power system. Distributing the conversion process to each module makes the entire solar power system more productive, reliable, and smarter than traditional inverter systems.

Solar Power Challenges

Solar power production is affected by various factors such as module mis-match, obstruction shading, inter-row shading, and obstacles such as dust or debris. In addition, non-uniform changes in temperature, irradiance, and shading create complex current-voltage curves, further affecting energy harvest. This is due to the fact that in traditional systems the performance of the entire system is dictated by the performance of the weakest module.

The Enphase Solution

The Enphase Energy Microinverter System solves solar power challenges by performing Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) at each solar module. MPPT is an algorithm used to calculate and respond to temperature and light changes detected on a solar power system, and to determine how much power to draw from the module. In contrast, centralized inverter's MPPT algorithm sees the entire solar power system as a single module, and responds to the lowest production numbers it detects.

Increased Productivity

The Enphase MPPT algorithm works at each solar module in an installation and achieves greater than 99.6% accuracy which enables it to maximize energy harvest at all times, even during variable light conditions. Tests show systems using Enphase Microinverters increase energy harvest by as much as 25% over systems using traditional inverters.

More Reliable

Traditional centralized inverters implementations create a single point of failure for solar power systems. If the inverter fails, the entire system is disabled. Enphase Microinverters convert power independently at each solar module. If one microinverter fails, the rest continue to operate as usual. Also, if a microinverter is damaged or fails, it can be replaced during routine maintenance or when convenient, further reducing maintenance costs.

Reduced Operational Costs

With the Enphase Microinverter System, installers are no longer limited by string design, marginal designs, co-planarity, and matched modules. The space, heat, and noise associated with a large inverter are eliminated. Enphase Microinverter Systems improve mechanical integration, reduce wiring time, and remove the need for DC switching points.


Another benefit of the distributed microinverter design is the potential for installations to be expanded over time. An initial set of solar modules can be installed and additional modules added as needs and budgets grow without requiring the replacement of a large centralized inverter.

Compliance and Reliability

The Enphase Microinverter is CSA Listed per UL1741 and can withstand surges of up to 6kV. Enphase Microinverter Systems undergo rigorous testing including HALT and HASS, ensuring reliability.


Features of the Enphase Energy D380-72-208-S12 Inverter - Twin Module 208VAC

The D380 “TwinPack” Microinverter is comprised of two Enphase Microinverters in a single enclosure and an innovative cabling system, designed to reduce Balance-of-System costs and installation time. The D380 has a black anodized housing which improves aesthetics and allows for better thermal dissipation. The D380 TwinPack is optimized for commercial installations, but it is applicable to both commercial and residential installations.


The D380's "two-in-one" enclosure cuts in half the number of microinverter units needed for an installation. In addition, the D380's new cabling system reduces the number of interconnections and junction boxes by 33%.

New Cabling System

The D380 utilizes an innovative "trunk and drop" cabling system. This new approach makes it even easier to connect microinverter units, and the 12 AWG trunk cable increases current capacity, allowing for 20A branch circuits. This means that you can have more modules per branch circuit

  • Maximum energy production
  • Resilient to dust, debris and shading
  • Performance monitoring per module
One model handels both 240 and 208 applications
  • Cable selects one phase or three phase
  • Two independent inverters in a single housing
    • System availability greater than 99.8%
    • No single point of system failure
      12 AWG Trunk increases current capacity
      • 30 modules in a 208VAC branch (15 TwinPacks)
      • 20 modules in a 240VAC branch (10 TwinPacks)
        • Quick & simple design, installation and management
        • 24/7 monitoring and analysis
          D380 branch circuit
          • One microinverter attached to two PV modules
          • Many microinverters attached to a "trunk-and-drop" cable system
          • There is no intergral AC cable on the D380 TwinPack microinverter enclosure.
          • Low voltage DC
          • Reduced fire risk
            System Components
            • Work with the same componets as M190
            • Envoy Communications Gateway
            • Enlighten web based monitoting & analytics

            *Cabiling Components:

            • AC Interconnect Cable is not Included (Sold Separately)
            • AC connection is accomplished with a separate AC Trunk Cable assembly (Sold Separately)
            • Unused connectors must be shielded from the elements with an End cap (Sold Separately)

            Also Known As:
            D380 72 208 S12

            60 AND 72 Cell Modules
            The D380 "TwinPack" microinverters contain 2 independent DC inputs. The Input Data (DC) values below apply to both DC Inputs A and B individually
            Input Data (DC)D380-72-2LL-S12/3D380-72-2LL-S12/3-NA
            Recommended input power (STC) 230W
            Maximum input DC voltage 56V
            Peak power tracking voltage 22V — 40V
            Min./Max. start voltage 28V/54V
            Max. DC short circuit current 12A
            Max. input current 10A
            Output Data (AC) @208 Vac @240 Vac
            Maximum output power 380W 380W
            Nominal output current 1.8A 1.6A
            Nominal voltage/range 208V/183V-229V 240V/211V-264V
            Extended voltage/range 208V/179V-232V 240V/206V-269V
            Nominal frequency/range 60.0/59.3-60.5 60.0/59.3-60.5
            Extended frequency/range 60.0/59.2-60.6 60.0/59.2-60.6
            Power factor >0.95 >0.95
            Maximum units per 20A branch 15 10
            Peak inverter efficiency 95.5%
            CEC weighted efficiency 95.0%
            Nominal MPP tracking 99.6%
            Mechanical Data
            Operating temperature range -40ºC to +65ºC
            Night time power consumption 50mW
            Dimensions (WxHxD) 12.25" x 6.00" x 1.33"
            Weight 6.25 lbs
            Cooling Natural Convection — No Fans
            Enclosure environmental rating Outdoor — NEMA 6
            Communication Powerline
            Warranty 15 Years
            Compliance UL1741/IEEE1547, FCC Part 15 Class B


            Note: Specifications and pricing of the Enphase Energy D380-72-208-S12 Inverter - Twin Module 208VAC with 4mm Locking Connector subject to change without notice. Illustrations and descriptions of the Enphase Energy D380-72-208-S12 do not claim to be complete or exhaustive.
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