Concorde Sun Xtender PVX-4140T Battery

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Concorde Sun Xtender PVX-4140T Battery

PVX-4140T Sun Xtender, sealed AGM deep cycle battery,2V, 474Ah,OLD: PVX12255L

Maintenance-Free, Valve-Regulated, Sealed Lead-Aced Battery. Designed for deep cycle / Back-up power photovoltaic applications.

Features of the Concorde Sun Xtender PVX-4140T Battery:

  • Copper Alloy Terminals for improved electrical connections.
  • No exposed lead terminals.  This change was incorporated to improve environmental safety and health.
  • Threaded insert terminals are recessed to prevent short circuits across battery connections.¹
  • New cover is flat top design.  No protruding or exposed vent valves.¹
  • Built in lifting handles, except PVX-490T, PVX-560T, and PVX-2240T.
  • Reinforced container walls to reduce bulging.
  • High Impact Strength Copolymer Polypropylene Case and Cover.
  • Completely Sealed Valve Regulated Construction.
  • Immobilized Electrolyte Non-Spillable.
  • Maintenance Free Design Never Requires Watering.
  • Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) Micro-porous Glass Separators retain electrolyte.
  • Flame Arresting Pressure Regulated Safety Valves.
  • UL Recognized Systems Component.
  • Positive Plates - Proprietary Lead Calcium Alloy- Negatives Plates - Lead Calcium. 
  • Low Self Discharge Rate Approximately 1 % per month at 25 C (77 F).
  • Operate over a Wide Range of Temperatures from -40 C (-40 F) to +72 C (+160 F).
  • Classified as "Non-Spillable Battery" for transport. Complies with DOT HMR49, Non-Hazardous Materials.

¹Threaded Insert "T" type Features.

Standard Terminals: All batteries with a "T" at the end of the part number incorporate M8 (copper alloy) threaded insert terminals except as follows: PVX-340T & PVX-420T are M6 and PVX-2120L & PVX-2580L are "L" Blade (solid copper) terminals. All batteries are supplied with silicon bronze bolts, nuts, and washers required for installation.
Optional (Copper Alloy) Terminal Installed at the Factory: Batteries with a "T" at the end of the part number (except PVX-340T & PVX-420T) are available with an optional factory installed "A" SAE automotive type terminal by adding the appropriate suffix to the end of the part number. For example, order PVX-1040TA instead of PVX-1040T.

Optional (Copper Alloy) Terminal Kit: Kits can be ordered for `After Factory` customer conversions of "T" type batteries (except PVX-340T & PVX-420T) by ordering P/N 6918 for the "A" SAE automotive post kit. Kit includes terminals and installation bolts required for installation.

Terminal Torque Values: [M6 use 35 in-lbs / 4.0 Nm] [M8 use 70 in-lbs / 7.9 Nm]

Handles: All batteries include built in lifting handles except the PVX-490T and PVX-560T. 

Ratings: Capacity ratings are after 15 cycles and are stated at 77°F (25°C) to 1.75 volts per cell.

Also Known As:
PVX 4140T

Part Number

VoltsOverall Battery DimensionsUnit Wt
lbs (kg)
Battery Nominal Capacity Ampere Hours @
in (mm)
in (mm)
in (mm)
1 Hr Rate2 Hr Rate4 Hr Rate8 Hr Rate24 Hr Rate48 Hr Rate72 Hr Rate120 Hr Rate
PVX-340T127.71 (196)5.18 (132)6.89 (175)25 (11.4)2127283034363738
PVX-420T127.71 (196)5.18 (132)8.05 (204)30 (13.6)2633343642434345
PVX-490T128.99 (228)5.45 (138)8.82 (224)36 (16.4)3139404349525455
PVX-560T128.99 (228)5.45 (138)8.82 (224)40 (18.2)3645464956606263
PVX-690T1210.19 (259)6.60 (168)8.93 (227)51 (23.2)4253556069737679
PVX-840T1210.19 (259)6.60 (168)8.93 (227)57 (25.9)5266687484909497
PVX-1080T1212.90 (328)6.75 (172)8.96 (228)70 (31.8)68868897108118122126
PVX-1040T1212.01 (305)6.60 (168)8.93 (227)66 (30.0)65828593104112116120
PVX-890T1212.90 (328)6.75 (172)8.96 (228)62 (28.2)55707279899598102
PVX-2120L1220.76 (527)8.70 (221)9.76 (248)138 (62.7)136172176194212235244253
PVX-2580L1220.76 (527)10.89 (277)9.73 (247)165 (75)165209214236258285295305
PVX-1040HT1213.09 (332)6.60 (168)8.93 (227)66 (30.0)65828593104112116120
PVX-1380T610.19 (259)6.60 (168)8.92 (227)51 (23.2)84106110120138146151158
PVX-1680T610.21 (259)6.60 (168)8.92 (227)57 (25.9)104132136148168180187194
PVX-1780T612.90 (328)6.75 (171)8.96 (228)62 (28.2)110140144158178190196204
PVX-2080T612.01 (305)6.60 (168)8.93 (227)66 (30.0)130164170186208224232240
PVX-2160T612.90 (328)6.75 (171)8.96 (228)70 (31.8)136172176194216236244252
PVX-2240T610.27 (261)7.12 (181)10.24 (260)67 (30.4)143180185204224246256263
PVX-4140T210.19 (259)6.60 (168)8.93 (227)51 (23.2)252318330360414438456474
PVX-5040T210.19 (259)6.60 (168)8.93 (227)57 (25.9)312396408444504561540582
PVX-5340T212.90 (328)6.75 (171)8.96 (228)62 (28.2)330420432474534570591612
PVX-6240T212.01 (305)6.60 (168)8.93 (227)66 (30.0)390492510558624672696720
PVX-6480T212.90 (328)6.75 (171)8.96 (228)70 (31.8)408516528582648708732756

Important note for the Concorde Sun Xtender PVX-4140T Battery

Shipping Note: Due to the oversized nature of this product, freight is the only shipping method available. You may proceed with an order online and we will contact you prior shipping this item or please Contact Us and we will work to get you the exact shipping cost.
Note: Specifications and pricing of the Concorde Sun Xtender PVX-4140T Battery subject to change without notice. Illustrations and descriptions of the Concorde PVX-4140T do not claim to be complete or exhaustive.
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