Concorde Sun Xtender PVX-1040T Battery

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Concorde Sun Xtender PVX-1040T Battery

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Concorde PVX-1040T Summary
12 V
Amp Hours
104 Ah
8.93 in.
12.01 in.
6.60 in.

Concorde Sun Xtender PVX-1040T Battery

PVX-1040T Sun Xtender, sealed AGM deep cycle battery 12V, 118Ah at 100hr

Maintenance-Free, Valve-Regulated, Sealed Lead-Aced Battery. Designed for deep cycle / Back-up power photovoltaic applications.

Features of the Concorde Sun Xtender PVX-1040T Battery:

  • Designed for photovoltaic applications for superior & reliable solar power
  • Corrosion free terminal connections allow for maximum conductivity
  • Maintenance free design means no spilling, no spewing, no watering
  • Constructed with non removable vent valves - no addition of electrolyte or water required
  • Shockproof, high impact reinforced case restrains from bulging
  • Shipped fully charged and ready to install
  • PolyGuard protection used around the positive plate and AGM prevents shorting from shock and vibration. Sun Xtender is the only battery offering this added layer of protection
  • Sun Xtender Series batteries ship non-HAZMAT

Also Known As:
PVX 1040T

Part Number

Overall Battery DimensionsUnit Wt
lbs (kg)
Battery Nominal Capacity Ampere Hours @
in (mm)
in (mm)
in (mm)
1 Hr Rate2 Hr Rate4 Hr Rate8 Hr Rate24 Hr Rate100 Hr Rate
PVX-340T12U17.71 (196)5.18 (132)6.89 (175)25 (11.4)212728303437
PVX-420T12U1 Tall7.71 (196)5.18 (132)8.05 (204)30 (13.6)263334364244
PVX-490T1222NF8.99 (228)5.45 (138)8.82 (224)36 (16.4)313940434954
PVX-560T1222NF8.99 (228)5.45 (138)8.82 (224)40 (18.2)364546495662
PVX-690T122410.22 (259)6.60 (168)8.93 (227)51 (23.2)425355606978
PVX-840T122410.22 (259)6.60 (168)8.93 (227)57 (25.9)526668748496
PVX-890T123112.90 (328)6.75 (172)8.96 (228)62 (28.2)5570727989100
PVX-1040HT122713.12 (333)6.60 (168)8.93 (227)63 (28.6)65828593104118
PVX-1040T122712.01 (305)6.60 (168)8.93 (227)63 (28.6)65828593104118
PVX-1080T123112.90 (328)6.75 (172)8.96 (228)65 (29.5)68868897108124
PVX-1180T123112.90 (328)6.75 (171)8.96 (228)72 (32.7)729295104118135
PVX-1290T123112.90 (328)6.75 (172)8.96 (228)75 (34)79100103113129146
PVX-1530T1230H13.46 (342)6.77 (172)11.95 (304)97 (44)95120124136153176
PVX-2120L124D20.76 (527)8.70 (221)9.77 (248)127 (57.6)136172176194212250
PVX-2580L128D20.76 (527)10.89 (277)9.77 (248)159 (72.1)165209214236258300

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