Analytic Systems VTC180-48-12 DC to DC Converter

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Analytic Systems VTC180-48-12 DC to DC Converter

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Analytic Systems VTC180-48-12 DC to DC Converter

VTC180-48-12 DC to DC Converter

The VTC180 Series of voltage converters are variable duty cycle switching power supplies. They can be configured to run from a 24V, 32V, 48V or 72 VDC power systems to provide output voltages as shown below. The VTC180 Series Voltage Converter features reverse input protection, current limiting, output over-voltage protection, ultra quiet low EMI operation and a wide operating temperature range. We are confident that you will get many years of reliable service from this Voltage Converter.


  • Ultra-Quiet
  • Power sensitive electronics without interference
  • Rugged & Reliable
  • Ensure years of safe and trouble free operation


  • Marine & other rugged environments
  • Mobile Offices (TV and Radio Vans)
  • Automotive / RV
  • Electric Utilities and Substations
  • Base Station Power(Radio & Telecommunications)
  • Industrial Controls(OEM Applications)
  • Field Work / Construction Sites
  • Solar/Alternative Power Systems
  • Emergency Backup Power (UPS)

Features of the Analytic Systems VTC180-48-12 DC to DC Converter:

  • Input voltage range allows operation from 32, 48, or 72VDC power systems
  • Extremely rugged and well suited for marine and other demanding environments
  • High tolerance for shock and vibration
  • Ultra-quiet low EMI operation
  • Inrush protection
  • Current limiting protection
  • Reverse input protection
  • High Efficiency
  • Output over-voltage crowbar
  • Remote control option
  • Wide-Temperature operation Available
  • Conformal Coating and/or Harsh Environment Ruggedization Available
  • 3 year parts and labour warranty

Also Known As:
VTC180 48 12

Electrical (Input) VTC180

Input Volts (ip)
32 48 72
Actual (Vdc) 20-45 40-65 65-100
Input Amps (max) 13.6 6.8 4.3
Input Fuse (MDA) 15 10 5
Noise on Input < 10 mV

* 30 - 45 Vdc input range for a 24Vdc output

Electrical (Output)
Output Nominal (op) 12 24
Output Volts (DC) 13.6 ± 0.05 27.2 ± 0.05
Output Amps 15 cont. / 18 peak 7.5 cont. / 9.0 peak
Output Crowbar 16.0 ± 0.5V 32.0 ± 0.5V
Output Ripple & Noise < 10 mV
Transient Response < 1V for 50% Surge
Regulation (Line & Load) < +/-0.5%
Duty Cycle Peak 20% for 10 min maximum
Continuous 100% for 24 hours per day
Efficiency > 90% @ Maximum Output

Environmental Specification
Operating Temp.Range -20° to +50°C @ maximum output
Derate Linearly 2.5% per °C from 40°C
(Optional -40°C extra wide temp. operation avail.)
Humidity 0 - 95°C Relative Humidity
(non-condensing) with optional conformal coating
Audible Noise NONE Ødb @ 3 ft
Typical Service Life > 10 yrs. (87,600 hrs)
Isolation Input to Case 1500 VDC (500VDC @ 32V Input)
500VDC Output to Case

Mechanical Specification
Length 7.9 in /  cm
Width 4.0 in / 102 cm
Height 2.4 in / 6.1 cm
Material Marine Grade Aluminium
Finish Black Anodize / Powder Epoxy Coat
Fastenings All 18-8 Stainless Steel
Weight 4.0 lb / 1.8 kg
Connections Four contact output terminals
Warranty 3 years


Note: Specifications and pricing of the Analytic Systems VTC180-48-12 DC to DC Converter subject to change without notice. Illustrations and descriptions of the Analytic Systems VTC180-48-12 do not claim to be complete or exhaustive.
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