Trojan Battery J305P-AC Signature Line Flooded Deep Cycle 6V Battery

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Trojan Battery J305P-AC Signature Line Flooded Deep Cycle 6V Battery

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Trojan Battery J305P-AC Summary
6 V
Amp Hours
330 Ah
14.42 in.
11.66 in.
6.94 in.

J305P-AC Signature Line Flooded Deep Cycle 6V Battery

Trojan Battery J305P-AC Signature Line Flooded Deep Cycle 6V Battery

The Signature Line of deep-cycle flooded batteries is the flagship of Trojan’s product portfolio. Engineered to provide rugged durability and outstanding performance, Trojan’s Signature Line is perfectly suited for use in renewable energy systems where lowest life-cycle cost is the key consideration. An all-around power house, the Signature Line features Trojan’s historically-proven engineering with T2 Technology, an advanced battery technology for maximum sustained performance, longer life and increased total energy. The combination of the Signature Line’s unique grid design and technology, advanced Maxguard T2 separator and Trojan’s proprietary Alpha Plus Paste increases both the batteries sustained capacity and total overall ampere-hours resulting in more operating power.

Features of the Trojan Battery J305P-AC Signature Line Flooded Deep Cycle 6V Battery:

  • Model: J305P-AC with Bayonet Cap
  • Battery: Flooded/wet lead-acid battery
  • Material: Polypropylene
  • Terminal Configuration:
    • Terminal Height:  .69" (18mm)
    • Torque Values in-lb (Nm): Bolt: 95-105 (11 – 12), AP: 50-70 (6-8), ST: 120-180 (14-20)
    • Bolt Size (mm): 5/16" (18)
  • Operating Temperature: -4°F to 113°F (-20°C to +45°C). At temperatures below 32°F (0°C) maintain a state of charge greater than 60%.
  • Specific Gravity: The specific gravity at 100% state of charge is 1.280
  • Expected Life VS. Temperature:  Chemical reactions internal to the battery are driven by voltage and temperature. The higher the battery temperature, the faster chemical reactions will occur. While higher temperatures can provide improved discharge performance the increased rate of chemical reactions will result in a corresponding loss of battery life. As a rule of thumb, for every 10°C increase in temperature the reaction rate doubles. Thus, a month of operation at 35°C is equivalent in battery life to two months at 25°C. Heat is an enemy of all lead acid batteries, FLA, AGM and gel alike and even small increases in temperature will have a major influence on battery life.
  • Charger Voltage Settings (@ 77°F/25°C)
    • Absorption Charge: 2.35-2.45
    • Float Charge: 2.20
    • Equalize Charge: 2.58

Also Known As:
J305P AC

Group Size


Terminal Type
Dimensions  Weight
lbs (kg)
Capacity Amp-Hours (AH)Energy
in (mm)
in (mm)
in (mm)
2 Hr Rate5 Hr Rate10 Hr Rate20 Hr Rate48 Hr Rate72 Hr Rate100 Hr Rate100 Hr Rate
2424TMX12Volts5,7,8,910.92 (277)6.62 (168)9.25 (277)47 (21)557078859193941.13
2727TMX12 Volts5,912.72(323)6.60 (168)9.24 (235)55 (25)6885971051121141171.40
2727TMH12 Volts5,7,8,910.92 (277)6.62 (168)9.25 (277)61 (28)75951061151221251281.54
30H30XHS12 Volts514 (355)6.73 (171)10.07 (256)66 (30)851051201301381421441.73
N/AJ15012 Volts213.70 (348)7.13 (181)11.13 (283)84 (38)1041201341501591631661.99
921J185P-AC*12 Volts614.97 (381)6.91 (176)14.71 (374)114 (52)1331681892052182232262.71
921J185H-AC*12 Volts614.97(380)6.91 (176)14.71 (374)128 (58)1461852072252402452492.99
GC2T-1056 Volts510.30 (262)7.11 (181)11.07 (281)62 (28)1461852072252402452501.50
GC2HT-105-RE6 Volts510.30(262)7.11 (181)11.67 (296)67 (30)1461852072252402452501.50
GC2T-1256 Volts2,410.30 (262)7.11 (181)11.07 (281)66 (30)1561952212402562622661.60
GC2HT-1456 Volts2,410.30 (262)7.11 (181)11.90 (302)72 (33)1692152392602772832871.72
902J305P-AC*6 Volts611.66 (296)6.94(176)14.42 (366)96 (44)2152713043303513603672.20
902J305H-AC*6 Volts611.66(296)6.94 (1 76)14.42(366)98 (45)2342953313603833924002.40
903L16P6 Volts511.66 (296)6.94 (176)16.74(425)114 (52)2733443864204474584672.80
903L16H6 Volts511.66 (296)6.94 (176)16.75 (424)125 (57)2833574004354634744832.89

* Polyon™ Case

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