Smartpool S421P SunHeater Solar Pool Heating System for Above Ground Pools
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Smartpool S421P SunHeater Solar Pool Heating System for Above Ground Pools

S421P SunHeater Solar Pool Heating System

A SunHeater(TM) solar pool heating system raises pool water temperature 6 degrees or more. It is lightweight, durable and easy to install. Water simply flows through the SunHeater's many tubes via your existing pool pump where it is heated by the sun and returned to your pool. The system can be installed on the roof of your house, shed or cabana, mounted to a rack (optional mounting kit SK43 available), or simply placed on the ground. Get the system used by hundreds of thousands of Americans, the SunHeater(TM) solar pool heating system, and save money on fuel and electricity bills, extend your swimming season by weeks, and get more enjoyment from your pool than ever before. Systems are available to suit all sizes of aboveground and inground pools

Features of the Smartpool S421P SunHeater Solar Pool Heating System for Above Ground Pools:

  • For aboveground pools 2 - 2' x 20'
  • Over-Molded Fiberglass Crush-Proof Header Pipes
  • Direct-Flow System For Efficient Heating And Winterizing
  • Tube On Web Design For Better Heating
  • 2' Panel Height
  • One box is sufficient to heat most aboveground pools
  • Install on ground, roof, or rack
  • Raises temperature 6 degrees or more
  • Simple do-it-yourself installation
  • Uses existing pool pump
  • Tube on web design for maximum exposure to sun's rays
  • No fuel bills or expensive installation of equipment and connection
  • Easy to drain for winterizing
  • 2 - 2' x 20' polypropylene collectors
  • 2 threaded elbow adapters
  • 4 end caps
  • 4 stainless steel hose clamps
  • 1 roll of Teflon™ tape
  • 1 rubber connector hose
  • Trilingual installation/operation manual (English/French/Spanish)
  • Bilingual 4-color box (English/French)
  • Warranty: 1 Year Full / 5 Years Limited

How Well Does Solar Heating Work?

A properly sized and installed system will raise pool temperatures up to 10°F during the season. You will only want to circulate water through the solar collector when the sun is shining. When it's cloudy or rainy, solar won't work as well (and you probably won't be swimming during those times), but your water will be back up to temperature after one or two warm days.

Do I Need A Special Pump?

If your pool pump is in good working condition, there shouldn't be any problem using your existing pump. A one HP pump will handle installations up to 30 feet away from the pool equipment and one story up. If the collectors are cool to touch when the water is running through them on a warm sunny day, you are getting enough flow.

Where Can I Put The Solar Collectors?

Anywhere you get at least 6 hours of full sun during the day. The longer the collectors are in full sun, the better they will work. If you are mounting the solar on an angle (like a roof or rack), the collectors should face in a southerly direction. For roof or rack mounting, you'll need 1 SK-43 for each solar box. For high wind areas, we recommend one SK-34 High Wind Kit for each collect.

What Tools Will I Need?

  • Flat head screwdriver or 5/16" (8mm) nut driver
  • For roof or rack mounting you will also need:
    • Power drill
    • 1/8" (3 mm) drill bit and a Phillips head bit
    • Silicone sealant (GEII or equivalent)

What additional parts will I need to install the solar system on a roof?

  • 1 SmartPool Mounting Kit SK-43 for wach solar box. High wind SK-34 for each collector in high wind areas.
  • You will need the correct amount of 1 1/2" (38mm) Schedule 40 PVC pipe for the plumbing, going to and from your pool equipment.
  • You will also need PVC primer, glue, and fittings (available where you buy PVC pipe).

What additional parts will I need to install the solar system on the ground or on a rack?

  • For a ground mount installation you will require 2 hoses - one that will reach from the pool equipment to the collector and one that reaches from the collector back to the pool.
  • For a rack mount installation you'll need SmartPool's mounting kit SK-43. For high wind areas you will need one SK-34 for each collector.

How much will the solar system weigh when filled with water?

  • Each S421 solar box (2 Collectors) will weigh approximately 80 lbs. when filled with water. There is very little additional load on your roof since the weight is dispersed over a large area.

Order Guide for S421P

Pool SizesNumber of BoxesArea Needed
15' - 24'12' x 24' - 16' x 25'15' x 21'
27' - 28'16' x 32' - 18' x 34'210' x 21'

Important note for the Smartpool S421P SunHeater Solar Pool Heating System for Above Ground Pools

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