PV Powered PVM1010 Performance Monitoring for PV Powered Inverters

The PV Powered PVM1010 Performance Monitoring for PV Powered Inverters is no longer available from Infinigi.

Regrettably, we do not have any inventory left nor have access to this product as it is discontinued. However, PV Powered has replaced the PVM1010 with the following item:

.Advanced Energy PVM1010 String Inverter Data Monitoring

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PV Powered PVM1010 Performance Monitoring for PV Powered Inverters

PVM1010 Performance Monitoring for PV Powered Inverters

Performance Monitoring from PV Powered

PVM1010 and mypvpower.com
The PV Powered performance monitoring system includes the PVM1010 data monitoring module and user access to inverter performance information on a password protected website at mypvpower.com. The PVM1010 along with the secure internet-based server operated by PVPowered is equivalent to a stand-alone data logging meter and communication interface without the cost and inconvenience of installation and maintenance of a separate metering system. After getting registered you'll enjoy these capabilities and more

• Access to your information from anywhere you can connect to the internet
• Reports of power output and energy production trends
• View local weather conditions and forecasts
• Verification that your system is working at it's full potential
• Collection and export of data for service and maintenance planning

Click on the demo button to see an example of a real location that shows actual performance information from a PV Powered installation in Bend, Oregon. On this demo site you will be able to choose web pages showing information about system output, current weather conditions, energy graphs and environmental offset calculations and other performance data. This site has multiple inverters so you'll be able to see the power and energy output of each inverter in graphical form and production statistics for the total site.

The PVPowered PVM1010 monitoring module is a UL approved data acquisition and communication interface accessory for your inverter that enables secure access to system performance and status information over a LAN connection.

The module determines the amount of power being generated from your PV installation by continuously collecting accurate voltage and current data from the inverter and calculating real-time power production in kWp and accumulated energy output in kWh over various time intervals.

With the PVM1010 installed on the inverter, the user is automatically able to register for basic web-based monitoring at the mypvpower.com portal which is operated by PVPowered. In special situations where internet-based services are not viable there is the ability to gain direct access to inverter information using standard TCP/IP applications such as UDP or MODBUS.

A typical configuration for the monitoring system includes the following:

• PVPowered inverters with PVM1010's installed
• Local Area Network Router connected to each inverter with CAT5 ethernet cable
• Connection to the internet where the data is sent to be stored on the PVPowered secure server.
• End user access to web pages at mypvpower.com using a Personal Computer
• Collection and export of data for service and maintenance planning

In addition to providing basic data monitoring capabilities the PVM1010 module also enables inverter status reporting that is useful for determination of operational health and trouble conditions at the PV installation. For situations where it is necessary to report production data it is possible to arrange for connection to third-party performance monitoring and reporting services.

With the monitoring capability available on PVPowered's mypvpower.com website the system user can view easy-to-understand summary tables and detailed graphical trends of voltage and power output over hourly, daily, weekly and monthly timeframes.

The basic version of the mypvpower web-monitoring service is made available free-of-charge when the user registers with PVPowered to activate the system and provides annual updates of account information.

The main page on mypvpower.com shows a summary of current weather conditions along with a table showing the most recent AC Power reading in kWp and AC energy production in kWh for today and over the system lifetime.

With the high-resolution graphical view of power and voltage levels many trend and transient details will be visible to the user so a wide range of FAQ topics and sample graphs of typical system problems is available to help with system diagnostics.

Here is an example of the power output graph from the energy page of mypvpower.com. This graph shows how voltage (line graph) from the solar panels and power output (area graph) from the inverter varies over the course of the day. Early in the day the voltage rises as the energy from the sun increases and is converted to voltage and current by the solar panels. As the energy from the solar panels increases the inverter comes on and produces AC power that is measured in kilowatts. In the middle of the day the power output reaches a peak and then declines as the energy from the sun decreases. The area under the power curve represents the amount of energy produced during the day and is reported in kilowatt hours.

To compare historical trends there is a data export capability included that allows the user to select a date range and export detailed energy production information from the database to check if system performance has changed over time.

When users have a performance related question about the system it is easy to activate a service request by filling out a short form accessible on mypvpower.com. System administrators have access to inverter operation parameters and status codes that can aid in diagnostics of performance questions.

Features of the PV Powered PVM1010 Performance Monitoring for PV Powered Inverters
 Inverter compatibility The PVM1010 is designed to work with the following PVPowered inverters: PVP2500, PVP3500, PVP4600-208v, PVP4800, PVP5200
 Site Requirements High-speed, full-time internet connection, Standard CAT5 cable for connection to PVM1010 datacom module inside the inverter
 Account registration System user must register with PVPowered annually to maintain free access to basic web-monitoring service on mypvpower.com
 Website access method Web-based log-in with user name and password at www.mypvpower.com
 Quick glance status table Lifetime energy production, AC Power output, Temperature, Status, Inverter Information, Date
 Energy output graphs Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly graphs of voltage vs. power output (updates sent from inverter to server every 15 minutes)
 Data export capability User selectable date range for kWh record exported in standard spreadsheet format
 Inverter viewing selection Ability to show each inverter alone with desired time interval or total system output for the site
 Resolution and Accuracy Power data collected at 1-minute resolution with better than +/-5% accuracy for readings reported at 15 minute intervals
 Support requests User supplied feedback form for technical support. Administrators can also monitor faults and notify user or service providers.
 Upgrade capability Ability for administrator to remotely test or upgrade data module with user permission. Other premium options are planned.
 Installation configuration PVM1010 is field installable by a qualified technician or may be factory installed. User registration occurs at installation site.
 Communications options Standard open protocols that work on TCP/IP such as UDP and MODBUS can be supplied for system users on request.
 Warranty & Registration Website form is used to register for 10yr inverter warranty, 1yr PVM1010 module warranty and to maintain user profile.
 Agency approvals UL 1741, meets requirements for permanently connected devices.
 Environmental PVM1010 Meets inverter environmental specifications.


Note: Specifications and pricing of the PV Powered PVM1010 Performance Monitoring for PV Powered Inverters subject to change without notice. Illustrations and descriptions of the PV Powered PVM1010 do not claim to be complete or exhaustive.

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